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It cannot be said with certainty how old the practice of carrying bags and purses is among women, but it is certain that today’s women are unimaginable without a purse. Rather, in the modern world, there are many types of bags for women available in the market. Purses or bags are a part of fashion these days. No woman likes to go to a party without it. There are many types of bags every girl should have knowledge about that.

Types of bags and purses

There are many types of bags and purses. Different types of bags for travel have different aspects. There are more than 25 popular kinds of bags brand in the US market. Even though it is hard to count its exact types, the best types of purses are under below:

1. Shoulder bags:

As the name suggests, this bag is slung over the shoulder. It is also known as sling bag in its small avatar. For more details about the types of shoulder bags click here

2. Makeup bags: 

It is small in size and closes with a zipper at the top. It is usually used to carry cosmetic products and mirrors etc with you to the party. This bag is also known as a makeup box or beauty box etc. For more details please click here.

3. Camera Case bags:


To use the camera for outdoor coverage, it must be carried. And the foam-filled bag has various pockets to safely carry the camera and its accessories. For more details, you may click here.

4. Phone bags:

This type of bag can only carry your phone. For more details click here

5. Bowler bags:arty fashions

It is a medium-sized bag with short handles commonly used to carry small luggage. Bowler bags have many varieties, sizes, and qualities in the market. For further details click here 

6. Handbags:

This bag is not only the need of every girl and woman but now it is an essential part of fashion. Women carry daily essentials in this bag so that they can be kept with them at all times. For further information click here

7. Pouch:

It is a small bag to carry small essential things. For further information click here.

8. Laptop Bags:

As the name suggests, laptop bags are to carry laptops and related accessories safely. It is rectangular in shape with small handles and can be carried from the shoulders with a large stripe. Rather, some can be carried on the back.

9. Doctor’s Bags:

There is a type of bag that is used by doctors for home calls to carry their supplies. For more details click here.

10. Tote bags:

A rectangular shape with strong material like canvas or leather is called a tote bag. Tote bags for women are used for shopping purposes has short and medium handles done by ladies. Cool cotton tote bags are much popular in today’s fashion.

11. Grocery Bags: 

The most popular type everyone knows is usually made of cloth canvas or plastic. Reputed malls mostly placed advertisements on grocery bags.

12. Beach bag:

To carry the thing to the beach, made of plastic or waterproof material usually. Best beach tote for moms has some additional qualities.

13. Miniaudiere:

A jeweled case acts as a bag. Encrusted with beads and crystals or has a shoulder strap with a hinged frame and top closure. Miniaudiere bag is a necessity for every woman in her daily routine life.

14. Backpack: 

This type of bag has so many names like peck, knapsack, kit bag or book bag, etc. Students also called book bags with two strips carried on the back of the body. Large-sized bags used for traveling purposes are called rucksacks. 

15. Bucket bag:

Medium-sized this bag has a flat bottom, a drawstring closure, and long handles, a fancy look appearance highly in fashion trends.

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